Our Staff

All staff employed by Jellybabies Childcare are highly skilled, fully qualified and extremely motivated to offer you and your child the best care and education available. The educators are enthusiastic and committed to early education and are constantly updating their skills and knowledge through interaction with other professionals, in-service training and study.

The staff understand and value the importance of parents within the centre environment. Not only do we strongly encourage parents to play an active role in the day to day programming of the centre but we also hold parent meetings, have parent committees, have social nights for families and regularly call on parents to help with excursions, special events at the centre or to share a special talent with the children. Working together we provide your child with a safe, secure, loving and educational environment in which to grow and learn.

Our Educators

Jenny is a passionate advocate of early childhood learning and education. Jenny has worked at this centre for 20 years, having owned the centre for the past 8 years. For over 15 years Jenny has been the teacher in our kindergarten room delivering a program that ensures all children have the opportunity to experience quality learning experiences that reflect our centre philosophy, current early childhood trends and the Early Years Learning Framework.

Jenny holds a Bachelor in Education (Early Childhood) as well as a Masters in Education (Special Needs). Jenny constantly engages in professional development opportunities to expand her learning and understanding of children’s development as well as other aspects of early education. Along with a current First Aid Certificate, including Asthma Management and Anaphalaxis, Jenny also hold a current Blue Card (working with children) and is registered as a teacher in Queensland.

“Early childhood education is my passion. I believe every child deserves the right to quality educational programs that meet the individual needs of each child in the group.

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